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  • Sicilian-Inspired Cannoli’s
    Holy Cannoli Toronto brings a taste of Sicilian cuisine to Toronto’s Long Branch neighbourhood with one of Italy’s best-known desserts, the Cannoli or Cannolo siciliano.
  • European Flavours at the St. Lawrence Market
    Offering a glimpse into one of Europe’s most authentic food experiences – markets, Toronto’s iconic St. Lawrence Market is a great spot to experience local and international cultures and cuisines.
  • Discovering a slice of Germany in Toronto’s West end
    At Dimpflmeier’s factory outlet bakery located in Toronto’s west end, experience the art of fine German baking in a traditional European Bakery atmosphere!
  • A little taste of China
    No trip to Chinatown is complete without a meal! Experience traditional Chinese cuisine as well as from a variety of other Asian backgrounds in Toronto’s iconic Chinatown.
  • Japanese Cheesecake on the GO
    I tried the unique Japanese cheesecake from one of the legendary Uncle Tetsu’s locations in Toronto, read more to find out what I thought!