Discovering a slice of Germany in Toronto’s West end

European bakeries are infamous for their freshly baked goods, friendly atmosphere, and kind staff. At the Dimpflmeier factory outlet bakery located in Toronto’s west end, things are no different!

At Dimpflmeier’s factory outlet, you can find an array of bread options.

Maybe the Dimpflmeier name sounds familiar? You might have seen it in your local grocery store in the bread section. However, although the Dimpflmeier breads you’ll find in your grocery store are delicious, for a German bakery experience within the city of Toronto, Dimpfleimer’s factory outlet is your place to be!

As you walk into the Dimpflmeier factory outlet bakery, take a step into another world as you’re greeted by the smells of freshly baked breads. Also notice the German music playing on the speakers, the German sayings on the walls, the traditional staff uniforms, and the décor, which together accentuate the bakeries’ German heritage.

Inside you’ll be met with a room filled with countless bread varieties, pastries, pretzels, cakes, and more! Unless you know exactly what you’re looking to buy, I highly recommend making a round of the different sections before settling on any items in particular. I spent a good 5 to 10 minutes walking around exploring everything from the various types of bread, the pastry counters, and refrigerated goods, seeing all that was available. Particularly, as someone who doesn’t speak German it was also quite fun going through the isles and trying to pronounce some of the German names like Schinkenbrot or Sonnenblumenkerne. Luckily, English and French translations were always available.

Dimpflmeier’s factory outlet has an impressive selection of fresh pastries & cakes.
Strudels were one of the traditional German pastries that were available at Dimpflmeier’s.
Pretzels were on display at the counter.

While I visited in the afternoon and was not disappointed with the selection of products, one of the staff members recommended that for my next visit, I come in the morning to have an even greater selection of goods fresh out of the ovens to choose from. And she noted that if I had something specific in mind (outside of what is readily available on the sales floor), Dimpflmeier also offers the opportunity to order some of their products made fresh to pick-up in-store.

Unfortunately, when I visited the Dimpflmeier factory outlet bakery, due to COVID-19 restrictions their seating area where shoppers and visitors could enjoy their treats in store before heading home was closed. However, sneaking a peek, I could see beautiful hand-painted murals on the walls and plenty of seating.

I opted to keep my selection small for my first visit (even though this was hard to do). Upon the cashier’s recommendation, I purchased a traditional European donut filled with raspberry filling, which I will 100% be returning to get some time! Additionally, I got a half loaf of Munich Style Light Rye Bread, a cherry strudel, and I couldn’t pass up getting a funny face cookie because of just how fun they were! Overall my selection came to about $8, which in my eyes was a great deal! And, in addition to the great price, everything was DELICIOUS! So, win-win!

With over 40 varieties of breads to choose from, Dimpflmeier breads offer something for every lifestyle. They come in an array of options like organic, low carb, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. And, since the Dimpflmeier bakery is attached to the factory, when visiting, you can be sure that the breads you’re buying in their store are fresh and haven’t been shipped over long distances as you can see them being handmade and packaged to be sent out to stores around North America!

See the factory behind the outlet bakery where the Dimpflmeier breads are being freshly made.

Since it was first established in 1957 by Alphons Dimpflmeier, a German bread master who brought his rare skills to Canada, Dimpflmeier remains true to its German roots paying homage to the country’s fine art of baking. While their breads are now shipped across North America, their timeless recipes are still executed with the same attention to detail they have always had. Using only the finest ingredients including water from their own soft-water spring in the countryside of Terra Cotta, Ontario, as well as authentic stone ovens from Germany, you can really taste the difference.

Next time you’re near Toronto’s west end, head to the Dimpflmeier factory outlet for a traditional German bakery experience within Toronto! It’s just a quick ride south of Kipling station at 26 Advance Rd. But, if you can’t make it in-store, next time you’re doing your grocery shopping, stroll through the bread section with an eye out for Dimpflmeier’s breads to give them a try! Either way, you’ll feel as if you’re experiencing a slice of Germany!

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