Nordic Lights at the Harbourfront

While the iconic northern lights are not visible from Toronto, the Harbourfront Center brought the Scandinavian light to the city’s waterfront with their Nordic Lights exhibition as a part of their Nordic Bridges 2022 initiative.

Image courtesy of Nordic Bridges Facebook Page

Taking place throughout 2022, the Nordic Bridges initiative looks to foster “cultural exchange between the Nordic Region and Canada” and present “unique experiences that highlight contemporary Nordic arts and culture” through various disciplines. Countries to be featured include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Åland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

The Nordic Lights exhibit was the first Nordic Spotlight of the year, marking the start of the year-long collaboration. Set to run for a limited amount of time from January 27th to February 21st, 2022, the exhibit was free to access and ran daily from 5pm to 10pm.

Excited to experience a little bit of Nordic arts and culture, despite the freezing cold, I was able to visit the exhibit and see its installations for myself.

The outdoor light exhibit featured works by artists from Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, and Canada. The pieces were installed around the Harbourfront grounds and showcased dazzling light art displays, co-produced with Fjord Studio out of Oslo, Norway.

While all the installations were beautiful, three stood out most, Control No Control (Quebec), Pressure (Denmark) and Great Minds (Sweden).


In addition to the three pieces above, Equinox (Norway), Gorzi (Finland), shared a space showcasing captivating video projections on the exterior of the Harbourfront Centre, and the Sense Light Swing (Sweden) showcased the movement of people on swings with light.

Nordic Bridges 2022 isn’t the only internationally driven initiative the Harbourfront Center has to offer! The Centre has lots to discover year-round, both indoors and outdoors, with new events and activities taking place regularly. Their initiatives originate from local destinations to international ones, and they cover a wide range of mediums, including traditional arts, theatre, dance, education and more!

Stay up to date on what might be coming next. I know I will!

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